Junior Ladder


San Dieguito Tennis Club Juniors Tennis Ladder


The intent of the Junior ladder is to encourage competitive play, and to help determine player placement for upcoming Jr. Teams:

1.  Anyone on the ladder may challenge anyone else on the ladder, up to and including, 2 positions above the challenger position.

2.  The time and location of the match should be mutually agreed to by both players. If either party is more than 20 minutes late in attending an agreed match, the late or non-attendee loses the match.

3.  The challenger is responsible for providing a can of new or decent tennis balls for the match.

4.  Winning the Match:

       a.  Satellite & Intermediate challenges: Matches will be best 2 out of 3 sets, AD scoring (utilizing 12 point tie-breaker in lieu of 3rd Set)

       b.  Novice team challenges: Matches will be 8 game Pro Sets, AD scoring (utilizing 12 point tie-breaker at 7-7 score).

5.  Moving up the ladder: When a higher seed loses, the winner will replace that individual, and the loser moves down one spot. Everyone in between the players will also move down one spot. For example, if player #3 challenges player #1 and wins, then player #3 will take the #1 seed, player #1 will move down to the #2 seed and player #2 be bumped to the #3 seed. If you challenge and lose, no one moves.

6.  If a challenge request has been made and there is no reply from the challenged player after 2 days, or the challenged player cannot play within a 2 week time interval, the challenged player forfeits the match. If a challenger loses a challenge, they may not challenge the same player for two weeks. A challenger may only have one challenge issued at a time.

7.  Reporting the Score: Scores should be sent to respective Jr. Team coach below. PLEASE be sure to indicate the players names and previous ranking, who challenged whom, when the match was played, and the score of the match. The winner is responsible for reporting the score.

a.  Triva Bridges at houseofbridges@me.com

b.  Eileen Urcelay at eurcelay88@gmail.com

c.  Sarah Becker at sarah@beckerz.com