JULY 2016

SDTC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2016

In Attendance:  Board Members: Dick Sanders, Triva Bridges, Bill Brick and Joanne Marks.  Stuart Camblin absent.
Others: Dave Rapp, Gary Endres, Mitzi Brick, Pam Zimbalist

Dick Sanders called meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Bill Brick motioned, Triva Bridges 2nd to approve minutes of previous meeting June 6, 2016. Unanimously approved.

Financial Director’s Report:
Reports Attached.

Stuart’s comments via email:
I will not be able to attend the next board meeting, however I have reviewed the current financials and have some concerns that I would like to discuss at the August meeting.

For the first half of the year are income averaged $20,123 per month, this was against a budgeted monthly average of $21,482

Expenses for the first half of the year averaged $19,392 per month, the budgeted average was $20,465

Income for the first half of the year averaged $730 a month, again our budget called for an average of $1,017

Now in June we saw income of over $4,000 this was cause by several items, but I am not sure that this trend will continue. My concern is over our Cash position, as of the end of June it stood at $69,000. Now this year we will see two large hits to the cash, $13,000 for the women’s bathroom and approximately $12,000 for the court resurfacing. This will leave our cash position around $44,000. My concern is we are not generating enough surplus income to replenish our cash to a position to meet our scheduled maintenance projects and any other future improvements. We have hardly increased our cash position in the first 6 months of this year and given our current income and expenditures I am not confident that we will add much more this year or in future years without some needed correction either in income generation or reduced expenses. When I get the July financials I will run some scenarios for our August meeting. I feel we need to make some decision to insure a healthy balance sheet for future needs.

Dick suggested that we discuss Stuart’s comments at August meeting.

Standing Committee Reports:

Women’s Bathroom– No update.
Dick requested in next update: Timeline of expenditures, schedule of construction so we can inform our members and guests well in advance.

Membership Activity:

  • Jeff & Sarah Hasty, 441 Villa Blanca Court, Encinitas, 92024 –  RENTER, REFERENCE: N/A
  • Tom & Christie Becker, 1353 Calle Scott, Encinitas, 92024 –  RENTER, REFERRED BY MAX
  • Dick Thaisz, 1403 Caminito Septimo, Cardiff, 92007  – SHAREHOLDER, REFERRED BY CHERYELL
  • Michael Derewenko, 1201 Cardiff Drive, Encinitas, 92024  –  RENTER, REFERRED BY DAVE RAPP
  • Michael Paul & Cheryl Kessler, 2410 Sacada Circle, #A, Carlsbad, 92009  – RENTER
  • Steve White & Brenda Gunn, 2524 Gateway Road, Carlsbad, 92009  –  RENTER, FORMER MEMBER
  • Michael & Mary Riley, 940 Sealane Drive, #4, Encinitas, 92024 –  RENTER, FORMER MEMBER
  • Terry Sprague renter (former member – Dave Rapp)
  • David Voorhies (shareholder) Ref by Laura Birns
  • Jason De Costa and Julez (renter) ref n/a just stopped in.


  • Todd & Annette Wilburton (Inactive Shareholder)
  • Bob Kellogg & Lorraine Honeyman
  • Bobbi Gallagher (renter) moved
  • Steve and Kathy Salm (shareholder)
  • John Sherrit (renter) Injured
  • Burl and Annika Howard (inactive SH)
  • Woody and Connie Hayes (renter) injured

 From: Cheryell Woodworth
SDTC Assistant Manager

 Membership Committee Update:
Gary Endres-
Via email previous to meeting:
I am asking to be on the agenda for Monday’s meeting…I am representing the membership committee in our request for funds to place an ad story in the local North San Diego Coast News weekly paper and website for cost of $1320…          

After much discussion regarding finding ways to help grow our membership the committee has zeroed in at this time on a story ad…The benefits of a story ad are numerous ….to name a few –  it’s a story fun to read, tells the history of the club, reaches 20,000 plus of local residents, technology benefits, long shelf life and gets our GREAT club story out…lastly less expensive than direct mail….     

After discussion: BOD agreed to: Approach Coast News with printing  story of SDTC –No charge(some basic history, mainly what we offer now, and where we are going), with the agreement of running 3 weeks of 1/8 page color advertisement highlighting current club promotion-contingent on free story of 700 words or 1/3 page depending on photo space. Cost: up to $750.

Joanne motioned, Triva 2nd, Dick, Joanne, Triva carried.  Bill noted that he does not support spending money on this P/R as word of mouth has always been sufficient.  Dick noted that this expenditure will not translate to an increase of income for the club. Joanne noted that it was good P/R and raises awareness of the club and supports the efforts of our membership committee.

Cheryell will be requested to note if there are any new shareholders/renters as a result of the advertising.

 By Laws Revision: Triva Bridges:
All attorney bills have been paid.  No new bills have been received.

Deadline for shareholders to return ballot is Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

Proposed Procedure for ballot tally: One Board member and one non-Board member to count on evening of Wednesday, July 13, 2016.  If quorum is reached (185 shareholders/2 = 92.5) on either passing/non-passing, the results will be reported as soon as possible.  If too close to call, then time will be given to receive ballots post-marked by 7/13, received by 7/18/16.  All remaining ballots will be tallied.  Results to be shared as soon as possible.

Triva motioned above procedure, Joanne 2nd,
Unanimously approved.

Dave Rapp Pro/Maintenance report:
See attached report.

Courts 7, 8 & 9 resurfaced.  Pickle Ball lines on practice court painted for free.

Screens on 5, 6 to arrive next week.

LED lights for clubhouse to be installed this week when Luis has time.  May be issue with dimmer switches.

½ umbrellas received rave reviews by all players.  More to be installed.

Railing up to kids lawn to be installed by Luis, Gary Endres and Brad Humphreys.  Expected cost: <$300.  Necessary for liability protection particularly for 50th Anniversary.

Low water pressure expected next week because of residential development.  All water fountains should be functional.

Correspondence: Joanne Marks
-Letter from Kim Norton read.

-Letter from Voit Real Estate Services representing MayFair Communities with an offer to purchase SDTC.  Upon receipt, the offer was expired.  The offer was based on residential lots which have not yet been approved by Encinitas Planning Commission. The estimated price was $350,000 per lot and estimated perhaps 10 lots.

Dick Sanders will respond to offer via email expressing SDTC receipt of expired offer.

BOD to discuss appropriate procedure for representing shareholders if valid offers to purchase SDTC materialize.

Old Business:
**Suggestion box to be produced by Brad Humphreys and to be hung on wall outside of pro shop.

**Railing to upper lawn in progress.

**Posting of shares for sale by shareholders:

Procedure agreed upon by BOD is that shareholders may post their share is for sale on bulletin board outside pro shop or call Cheryell and ask her to post the share for sale. Note: Shareholders must initiate this posting.  Cheryell will not post all shares for sale unless shareholder specifically asks for her to post on the bulletin board.

**Shareholders wishing to post their shares for rent may also post on the bulletin board outside the pro shop. Same procedure as shares for sale.

**Surveillance System: 7/12 Ethernet scheduled to be strung.  Cameras to be installed soon after.

New Business:
Chris Peterson, Steve Salm, Nancy Kutilek, Kevin Wood and Matt Mattingly are no longer Directors on the Board of SDTC.

New Board Members as of March 2016:

Dick Sanders, President, Triva Bridges, Vice President, Stuart Camblin, Director of Finances, Joanne Marks, Secretary.

All Board members approved to sign on banking account for SDTC.  Additionally, Cheryell Woodworth, Assistant Club Manager is approved to be a signee.

Bill Brick motioned, Triva 2nd to remove old board members and add new board members and Cheryell as authorized signees on SDTC bank account.
Approved Unanimously.

Luis paid time off policy:
Luis’s current contract allows 3 sick days and 2 weeks of vacation.   He has been a SDTC employee for 9 years.

Luis just returned from 3 weeks off without pay to recover from eye surgery. His 2 weeks of vacation had already been taken in January to visit family.

Bill Brick motioned to pay Luis 2 weeks extra pay for this year. Triva 2nd,
Unanimously approved.

September Mixer:
Bill Brick motioned that SDTC Board sponsor September mixer as is customary.  Approximate expense: $200 to $300 to be taken from Social fund. Triva 2nd.
Unanimously approved.

 Formation of Rules/Procedures Committee:
It was agreed to table this subject to next meeting in August.

Water Aerobics Class:
In response to Claire Spooner’s request.  Joanne Marks motioned to allow Water Aerobics classes in SDTC pool, two days per week during the summer months.  Members only. Instructor (non Member) to complete liability waiver.  Fees paid directly to instructor by participants. Bill Brick 2nd. Unanimously approved.  Potential conflict with swimmers to be worked out with aerobics instructor.

Bill Brick motioned to adjourn meeting. Triva 2nd. Unanimously agreed. 8:40pm.

Minutes prepared by Joanne Marks, Secretary.