November 2016

November 2016

SDTC Board Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2016

Attendees:  Dick Sanders, Triva Bridges, Stuart Camblin, Bill Brick, Joanne Marks,
Dave Rapp, Merrili Escue, Mitzi Brick, Birgitta Seal

6:02pm Meeting called to order by President, Dick Sanders.

Stuart Camblin motioned: Approval of Minutes of October 3, 2016 BOD meeting.  Bill Brick 2nd.  Unanimously approved.

Financial Director’s Report:
December 31, 2015 we had $58,000 in cash.

October 31, 2016 we have $38,826.08.

October we have Net Income of  -$7,564.81. (loss).

Stuart: At this rate we will be out of money in 2 years.

Discussion of raising dues—resulting in Bill Brick motion of raising dues $10 per month effective January 1, 2017. Joanne Marks 2nd. Unanimously approved.

Dick Sanders to compose a letter to membership.  Including:
– Note: January 2015, SDTC BOD approved a $2/month increase that was never implemented.

  • This BOD is fiscally prudent.
  • We will continue to ensure that SDTC is in good maintenance and updated when appropriate.
  • Discounts for annual, bi-annual, and quarterly dues payments will remain in effect.

Stuart Camblin recalculated a proposed budget for 2017 based on this $10 increase. (attached).

Membership Report:

Please note the following new members from October 2016:

1. Renter – Kendal & Kelley Hess, 305 Via Montanosa, Encinitas, CA  92024
Email: Kendal:      Phone: 858-395-8069
Email: Kelley:     Phone: 760-415-0554
                   Referred by: Pam Zimbalist – Renting from Pam

2. Renter – Jeff & April Higgins, 1051 Wiegand St., Encinitas, CA  92024
Email:             Phone: 760-815-5339
                  Referred by: Maja Mauric

3. Renter – Kevin & Dawn Levi,  3449 Firenze, Unit 1, Oceanside, CA  92056
                     Email:    Phone: 858-248-0268
Email:    Phone: 858-248-0097
                     Referred by: Dick Lin

4. Renter – Andrea Lynch,  230 Village Run W., Encinitas, CA 92024
                    Email:               Phone: 760-846-8466
Referred by: Sign/Banner on El Camino Real! Drove by!

Rental Memberships Up For Renewal:
We had three memberships come up for renewal in November. Two Shareholders have chosen to have SDTC handle the rental of their share. One has yet to respond! All renters are continuing their memberships.

  1. Bruce Neale has placed his share as “Inactive”. (He is traveling this year). We have rented his share for him to Joe Rae.
  2. *All Inactive shareholders shares are rented and 11 of our 30 SDTC shares are being rented.

Cheryell queried the Board members for appropriate procedure of providing renters to shareholders.  Triva agreed to compose a statement to be shared with shareholders that assumes the shareholder will not handle the administration outside of SDTC when the renter was provided by SDTC.

Cheryell:  What is Fair Market Value for SDTC held shares?  How will it be determined?

BOD wants to ensure proper procedure of determining FMV.  Triva to consult attorney’s previous advice on this issue.  Will be discussed as Old Business at next BOD meeting.

Ladies Bathroom Remodel Update:
Birgitta Seal presented the BOD with a thorough list of bills paid and Quickbooks accounting of all expenditures.  She also presented Dave Rapp with a binder of all the records and appliance instructions and contact numbers for repairs.

Birgitta and Scott Seal were thanked and praised for all of their efforts and recognized for all the work they orchestrated and provided via contacts and pro bono.  Merrili Escue, Natalia Moskaleva and Laura Birns were also recognized for their long term commitment and efforts in accomplishing this goal.

Pro Report:  Dave Rapp

  1. Bids for Palm tree trimming $1500.  Timing? Will try to postpone till January 2017.2.  Bids for Pool work to satisfy the county
    Oly’s Pool and Spa Plastering $5070 (see bid att.)

Blue Moon Pools (waiting for bid)

  1. Clubhouse door on south side being fixed by Luis.
  2. Lock on dumpster installed
  3. Pool heater off
  4. Luis will paint ladies bathroom upstairs
  5. Men’s showers to be repaired. $375.
  6. 2 benches on Court 6 are split.  Cheryell drew our attention to this.

Activities Past

  1. Men’s Day a great success with 8 courts of players.  The level was strong and Brent and Olga Dils along with Mitzi did a great job hosting.
  2. November Mixer hosted by Richelle and Edmond Mardon and Lisa McGuckin went very well.  The highlight was the turkey stew, along with the usual great tennis, fun social gathering, and a fantastic weather.
  3. Adult league play has gone well.  Some very competitive tennis for all levels.  Congrats to all who participated.

Activities Future

  1. Ladies Holiday round robin hosted by Peg Loyd and Lisa McGuckin.  It will be held Dec 9th, Fri, 9am.  It’s always a good event.
  2. February 11th Saturday Ladies day Hosted by Laura King.
  3. League play for winter is very large.  Had to split the A ladies Wed. team and make 2 teams.  We might have to do the same for the Tues A ladies team.  We are still assessing that.
  4. The USTA decided to have league play during the winter.  Our men are sticking with the North Coast Invitational league this year.
  5. Other news:
  • Planning a usual annual holiday gathering with the staff and pros
  • I plan to take some time off during the holidays after Xmas.
  • Security cameras working at 3 locations and always recording. Brian Donaldson, Gary Endres’ contact is very appreciated for his donated time and improvements to this system.

Activities Committee:

Our wonderful team who has coordinated our social events this past year, Suzy Gere and Victor and Patty Lanz, have decided to step down and offer the position to another team or individual in the new year.  Dave to organize a meeting.

Old Business:

Office management updates: Cheryell:

Running smoothly.  Records are on hard drive.  Docu-sign is in use for share signatures (fewer than 3 / month is free).

Quickbooks online is postponed.  Birgitta questioned its necessity based on her experience.  Cheryell would like to access all records from remote locations.  Errors in Quickbooks entries must be corrected.

PTO Policy: Tabled till next BOD meeting.


-Sign on pro court needs to be removed as we are not holding a membership promotion any longer.

-Birgitta suggested a sign advertising shares for sale.

-Dave Rapp suggested a membership drive event at least once a year.  Party, tours, etc.

-Dick Sanders:  Suggested that a discussion of differential pricing for those who rent vs shareholders to incentivize share purchases. Tabled to Old Business.

Rules Review:


-Procedure for locking up Clubhouse should be posted.  Sign to be made: Lock up weekdays after 5pm.

– Checklist to be used and posted for clubhouse use.

– Email solicitations: etiquette and parameters.  Joanne Marks to propose rules to be shared.

-Court usage on grid.  Example prepared by Triva and to be used by Dave and Cheryell. Useful for BOD to approve league usage of courts.

-Guest fees waived for club events added to rules.

New Business:

-Selling SDTC owned shares: Determine Market Value Pricing.  Stuart suggested average of share price sold over previous 6 months.

-Email etiquette – Proposal by Joanne Marks before next meeting.

-Merrili Escue: Junior League – behavior of kids off the courts should be monitored and guided. – Dave to contact coordinators and to ask teaching pros to address this with parents at beginning of each jr team match or clinic.

– Use of clubhouse for non-tennis, commercial use. Discussion: Joanne Marks- There are so many talented and vibrant members at SDTC.  I encourage the Club to be open to sharing these talents with other club members. It was agreed that the current rule of no non-tennis, commercial events will remain in force for usage of SDTC clubhouse but each request for usage will be reviewed by the BOD.

– One month free dues for bringing in new members – discussion – determined to not be necessary.  Dick Motioned to discontinue one free month for bringing in new members.  Joanne Marks 2nd. Unanimously agreed.

– Recognition of Scott and Birgitta Seal for their bathroom remodel efforts – Joanne to query favorite restaurant for certificate.  Via email: Joanne Marks motioned to approve $250 gift certificate for Scott and Birgitta Seal. Triva 2nd. Unanimously approved.

– Maintenance of bathrooms: Procedures for Luis to be detailed and scheduled. Dave Rapp and Cheryell to guide Luis.

– Use of courts for league play: Triva Bridges motioned “League play is authorized to use up to 50% of courts 7 days a week at Director of Tennis’ discretion”.  Bill Brick 2nd. Unanimously approved.  Bill Brick suggested that League coordinators be requested to not schedule 2 leagues at one club in one day.

Next meeting scheduled for December 5 at 6pm.

8:39pm Meeting adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Joanne Marks, Secretary.